Flat Fee Customized Legal Services

and Transparent Pricing

Case Assessment

One hour client coaching session  $350

Not sure if you need to retain an attorney? Have you utilized one of the online tools to draft your own divorce documents but are unsure of how to proceed? If you are asking yourself where do I file the documents? How do I have someone served? Do I have to pay maintenance or child support? How do I know this is an uncontested case? Can I stay in the marital home?  We invite you to come meet with an attorney who will review your pre-drafted documents, give you practical advice about how to begin the action and where to go file the documents, as well as whether you are obligated to pay maintenance and support and what that amount may be. We will give you a roadmap to follow to continue the case, or, if you need more help, we can be there for you in a limited capacity.

Limited Court Appearances

Conference or Arraignment  in Family Court $525   Supreme Court  $750 Hearings: Family Court $750 one full  day, Supreme Court $1200 one full day

Do you have a court date scheduled for your custody or matrimonial matter? Have you already filed your petition or summons and complaint, or perhaps you were unsatisfied with your former counsel and you need someone to appear with you at the next court date.  In that case, schedule a free phone consult We will be happy to appear for you on a limited basis to advocate for your position. If you feel that you only need an attorney for a court appearance or conference with the attorneys or judge, we will draft a limited scope retainer and be by your side for your assigned date and time before the judge.

Uncontested Divorce

Preparing  a Custom Stipulation of Settlement, Separation, or Divorce Agreement $2500

In the event you and your spouse have agreed upon all the major issues in the divorce, such as what is marital property, if either party will receive maintenance and how much for how long, are their children and who will have primary custody, what about child support, retirement assets, other property such as cars, boats, etc.  We will gather all necessary facts and conduct a thorough examination before beginning to draft your documents. We will listen carefully to your joint goals and be certain that we understand your objective. Then, once we are satisfied that we have all relevant information, we will draft a legally binding, ironclad  document which allows you to have the confidence that that this difficult time will unfold according to your plan, not some judge you have never spoken with or a cohort of attorneys.

Preparing Uncontested Divorce Documents $1700

We will promptly draft all necessary documents and review them with you in detail, answering any questions you may have. We will direct you where you need to go next to file your documents in order to commence the divorce action and begin this process, We will happily assist with service of process and filing. *

Preparation of QDRO $1500
Preparation of a Parenting Plan $1300

If you and your spouse have minor children and have come to an agreement regarding custody, visitation and child support, we offer a consult with the attorney to discuss your objectives. We will gather all of the necessary facts from you then custom tailor your  documents in preparation for filing. We understand that your parenting plan is the most critical part of the divorce agreement. Although we offer a flat fee, we ensure the highest quality and attention to detail during our consultation, when drafting your documents, and while we guide you through the process of filing and obtaining a final judgment and order.

Divorce “How do I know if it’s contested?” 

Client coaching session, planning a divorce strategy $350

In the event you are certain you want a divorce but you just don’t know whether it will be contested or not, feel free to schedule an hour of coaching here or at your convenience. An attorney will review all of the possible actions and outcomes in a divorce and discuss your particular set of facts and circumstances (each client is unique). We will give you our reasoned legal opinion about the best course of action and encourage you to take the next step- whether it is a conversation with your spouse or service of process and everything in between. If we mutually agree that we are a good fit to work together, I will deduct this $400 fee from your bill at the conclusion of the  representation. The retainer amount for an ordinary divorce is $ 5000. This is based upon the average number of hours of work involved in an ordinary divorce in the jurisdiction. If this seems overwhelming, please ask about our “lay away” plan. We offer creative and flexible financing to help you accomplish your goals and gain the new freedom you are searching for.  We will work tirelessly to ensure that you and your family receive your equal share of all marital assets, including pensions, military benefits and real property and we will protect you from overreach and ensure you make it through this intact.

Child Custody Modification $4750

From the moment we first meet and gather all of the factual background to the point of drafting an Order, we promise to listen to all of your concerns regarding custody and fight for the best interests of you and your child. We are aware of the special considerations when your child has special needs and we will fight for you to secure the safety and wellbeing of your child.


*Filing fees vary depending upon the document. Service of Process is typically $150-$300