Breaking Down Temporary Orders

Aside from dividing your assets, child custody is one of the most challenging components of a divorce case. Whereas the court always makes decisions according to the child’s best interest, parents may have a different understanding of what it looks like. Additionally, the parents and their attorneys are tasked with ensuring the child has a relationship with both parents despite the parents beginning new chapters in Read More

DUIs, Your Rights, & Conditional Licenses

There’s no shortage of poor advice on how to beat a DUI. A cursory internet search will generate everything from putting pennies in your mouth to beating a breathalyzer to explaining why refusing to take one is in your best long-term interests. New York has stringent DUI laws, and the penalties for a conviction can be severe. Regardless, everyone should have an understanding of what their rights are before they are Read More

Navigating Relocating with Children & Well-Crafted Custody Agreements

The complexities surrounding divorce and separation can be heightened when children are involved. With that in mind, one of the most challenging situations is when a former spouse desires to relocate with the children. This blog will discuss a case where this happened and what occurred during the contested legal battle. Additionally, we will review the value of a well-written custody agreement that includes Read More

The Devastating Consequences Of Making Decisions Out Of Anger & “Revenge Porn”

Divorce brings up some intense emotions, and when people feel like they have been wronged, their initial reaction is to respond in kind. Before we elaborate further, remember that when anger facilitates anger. Divorces do not have to be contentious, and trying to upset or “get back at” your spouse rarely leads to positive results. Typically, it leads to more mud-slinging and even litigation.  As a firm that practices Read More

Protecting Yourself When You Renovate An Apartment

People in New York, especially in the city, spend decades living in the same apartment. Though some people own their units, others will choose to rent during that time. The reason we bring this up is that there are people who make renovations to their apartments. We will elaborate further on different types of renovations and their impact in a moment. Consider the following scenario: You have lived and rented the Read More

Marijuana’s Impact On Divorce & Child Custody

Marijuana is a drug of contradictions, and this is one of the root causes of why there tends to be a significant amount of confusion around its use and impact on your life. On a federal level, it remains a Schedule I controlled substance, meaning it has no medicinal value and a high potential for abuse. That said, at the time of this publication, thirty-eight states, four U.S. territories, and the District of Read More

An Overlooked Component Of Parenting Plans

If you have ever spent time on our website, you may have noticed the guide we created about developing a strong parenting plan. Your ability to communicate effectively with your spouse may have suffered toward the end of your marriage. The irony is that the two of you must reform that skill set to be the kind of co-parent your children deserve. Communication is not a soft skill; you must devote time to becoming good Read More

How To Divorce (A Better Way)

What if we started this blog by stating that to divorce properly, you should argue, fight, finger-point, and do anything to make your spouse more upset? You’d likely stop reading, which would be the correct thing to do. Instinctually, you understand that these actions do nothing more than inspire the other side to become equally aggressive. Yet many people threaten their spouse with litigation, have their attorneys Read More

The Ins & Outs Of Spousal Maintenance In New York

Before we take a deeper dive into this topic, we need to clarify that we are using the words “maintenance, “spousal support,” and “alimony” interchangeably. Divorce laws differ by state. When your friends and family give you advice about your divorce, they may use any combination of those words. Although you may hear all three in New York, we use the term “maintenance.” One of the reasons why this area of divorce is Read More

Buying A Home Out Of Wedlock

It is becoming more common for people to buy a home before marriage. Many people want to take steps to set down roots, and when two people buy a house together, they could qualify for a larger loan. From a legal perspective, is it a good idea to buy a home with your boyfriend or girlfriend? If you do, you must take the proper steps to protect yourself. For example, imagine you’re in love with your significant other. Read More